Thanks to its 15 research teams’ experience and expertise in microfluidic chips assembly, the technological platform was built in order to best respond to any specification imposed by your projects with a fast manufacturing time.

We ensure that our processes can answer the following requirements:

  • Physicochemical constraints (e.g. permeability, wettability, chemical resistance,...)
  • Dimensionnal constraints (e.g. micro/nano structure, 3D structure,...)
  • Functionnality implementation (e.g. electrodes, biosensors,...)
  • Technological maturity degree (e.g. fast prototyping, scaling-up,...)
  • Biocompatibilty and legal constraints (e.g. FDA accreditation)

In addition, our clean room’s thin film processing equipment and Biofab’s biomaterial structuration capabilities allow us to implement functionalities during the microfluidics chip assembly and thus meet the challenges of the “Organ-on-chip” and “Lab-on-Chip”.

Click on the links below for a short presentation of the different assembly technologies developed on the platform.